10 Weeks - 7 Habits
Healthy. Happy. Life.

(starts February 10th)

You have the power to change your life - one habit at a time. Habitap is a game-changing program that makes healthy living your new default.

The Diet Crash

quick fix - no lasting success

The Problem

Most programs ask you to do too much, too fast.

We know what it’s like to struggle to change your health - and only see temporary results that never seem to last. And when the extra pounds and bad habits trickle back in, it makes us feel like the change we want just isn’t meant for us.

But the problem isn’t you - it’s the approach that most of us are taught. And that’s because most programs toss you 33 different expectations all at once and somehow believe you can successfully transform your eating, drinking, sleeping, and exercise habits overnight.

Even if you have success at first, you probably fall back into your old habits without achieving any lasting results.

The Solution

Create habits that put healthy living on autopilot.

We’ve been through the struggle, the suffering, and the deprivation - and we’ve learned there’s a much better way. One that doesn’t require perfection or drastic change.

What’s the secret? No immediate or dramatic shifts! At Habitap, we take every complex goal- like eating healthier foods or learning how to get quality sleep and we break them down into strategic daily practices.

And when you do this something magical happens: You eat clean without thinking. You lose weight without trying. And you stick to it all with a smile on your face - simply because it feels natural.

We do things gradually so that you avoid rebounding right back to where you were before. By focusing on changing your habits, one at a time.

So welcome to Habitap, where we don’t believe in quick fixes or overnight perfection. We believe in committing for the long haul and measuring success through our small daily actions.

Habitap’s Approach

steady progress - one habit at a time

How It

The Plan

10 Weeks, 7 Habits, 1 step at a time.

Drastic lifestyle and diet overhauls don’t work. That’s why instead of doing everything at once, we focus on instilling 1-2 highly effective habits every two weeks. By keeping things small and manageable, Habitap sets you up for a health transformation that lasts long after the challenge ends.

Here’s what you can expect over the 10 week challenge:

Weeks 1 & 2 – Quality Foods + Happiness
You’ll eat from an approved food list and take mini-challenges that focus on improving your overall level of happiness. These two form a powerful combination that boosts your motivation, energy and overall quality of life.

Weeks 3 & 4 – Protein + Veggies
You’ll eat a prescribed amount of proteins and veggies based on a super simple hand measuring method. This makes it easy to fuel your body with what it needs the most.

Weeks 5 & 6 – Water + Sleep
You’ll build a strong sleep ritual and prioritize your water intake. This sets you up for nourishing, restorative sleep and healthy hydration levels that make a huge difference in your daily energy.

Weeks 7 & 8 – Exercise
Now that you’re feeling good, you’ll establish exercise routines that take things a step further. You’ll start small and choose from our recommendations in order to experience all the benefits that exercise brings you.

Weeks 9 & 10 – Finish Strong
No New Habits. Instead, you will continue to track your progress with a focus on improving the habits you’ve struggled with the most.

User Dashboard

At a glance, access daily lessons, log habits and connect with friends.

Sometimes even simple things can be hard to implement. We give you the tools to be successful. Each day you’ll be motivated, educated and inspired with a short lesson full of tips and tricks to help you be more successful with your current habits.

Habit Tracker

Log your progress as you go

Consistency is critical to lasting success. That’s why our built in Habit Tracker is your most powerful ally during the challenge. You’ll receive daily reminders to log your progress and build momentum through small, daily wins.


Data is everything - and you’ll see it all at a glance.

Numbers are crucial during your health journey - they tell the whole story and leave nothing to chance. Habitap’s statistics eliminate all guesswork by showing you exactly where you’re strongest and where you’re struggling the most. Visual trends help you identify and track your performance while letting you zero in on where you need to make adjustments.


Support, Accountability and Motivation - all in one place.

Your odds of success go through the roof when you’ve got friends alongside you - and you’ll take full advantage of this. Habitap lets you easily create and join custom communities where your friends will keep each other accountable and motivated every step of the way.

Plus, our private FaceBook group is home to a supportive community. View recipes, ask questions, and join other like-minded participants who are ready to change their health for good. Remember, you’re not in this alone.

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