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10 Weeks, 5 Habits

Build better Nutrition habits that put healthy living on autopilot.

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Challenge Begins March 20th

"I am tired of having no energy, high stress, belly over the belt and feeling like crap. I want to GET healthy and STAY healthy!"

5 Habits

The Big 5

Essential Daily Habits.

Being Healthy, Happy and Fit takes more than eating well. Slowly build these 5 habits into your life, without them taking over your life.

  • Nutrition

    Throw out the "food rules" and learn to eat better without feeling deprived

  • Exercise

    Regardless of your fitness level, start to make exercise a part of your routine

  • Mindfulness

    Learn weekly practices to feel happier and more connected

  • Sleep

    Finally get restful sleep by creating a bedtime ritual

  • Hydration

    Make water your new best friend as you begin to reap the benefits

User Dashboard

At a glance, access daily lessons, log habits and connect with friends.

Sometimes even simple things can be hard to implement. We give you the tools to be successful. Each day you’ll be motivated, educated and inspired with a short lesson full of tips and tricks to help you be more successful with your current habits.

Habit Tracker

Log your progress as you go

Consistency is critical to lasting success. That’s why our built in Habit Tracker is your most powerful ally during the challenge. You’ll receive daily reminders to log your progress and build momentum through small, daily wins.


Data is everything - and you’ll see it all at a glance.

Numbers are crucial during your health journey - they tell the whole story and leave nothing to chance. Habitap’s statistics eliminate all guesswork by showing you exactly where you’re strongest and where you’re struggling the most. Visual trends help you identify and track your performance while letting you zero in on where you need to make adjustments.


Support, Accountability and Motivation - all in one place.

Your odds of success go through the roof when you’ve got friends alongside you - and you’ll take full advantage of this. Habitap lets you easily create and join custom communities where your friends will keep each other accountable and motivated every step of the way.

Plus, our private FaceBook group is home to a supportive community. View recipes, ask questions, and join other like-minded participants who are ready to change their health for good. Remember, you’re not in this alone.


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