My wife is pregnant and NOT working out and I’m happy about it

This may come as surprise but… As a gym owner and someone who has coached many women in CrossFit all the way up to their due date, I am happy my wife Courtney wants to take a break while she’s pregnant. In fact, she won’t pick ANYTHING up if she thinks it will hurt the baby. Sometimes I think she milks it a bit ???? But there is a reason why.

Courtney and I started dating shortly after she joined our gym nearly 7 years ago. She has been “CrossFitting” ever since and has enjoyed it… most of the time ????.

My wife and I have been trying to have a baby for almost three years now. We’ve had one miscarriage and she’s gone through premature menopause at the age of 29. So now she no longer produces eggs. Yeah it’s been a roller coaster… that’s for sure. BUT… Long story short, we have picked an egg donor, added my contribution and just a few days ago were told she’s finally PREGNANT!!!! Crazy right?! We feel so blessed and can’t wait to meet our little one.

At first, we assumed she would continue working out as all other pregnant women did at our gym… But our doctor strongly advised not to. Who knows! This doctor could be wrong. Courtney might be able to workout and the baby would be just fine. But.. it makes Courtney uncomfortable. And if she’s uncomfortable, so am I. We figure it’s just 9 months-ish. She has the rest of her life to work out. But she only has this one opportunity to make our baby.

I fully support all women to workout during pregnancy, if that’s what they want. Three of my sisters have worked out all the way up to their due date and I’ve coached countless women to do the same. The point is… I want my wife to do what makes her comfortable and I support future mothers in whatever choice they make. #habitaplife

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